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We complete Custom Essays, Research Papers, Term Papers, Thesis, Dissertation and other coursework. Trust our team of Highly Qualified Professional Academic Writers!!

ur aim: is to provide the best pay for essay-writing services internationally. We are seeking to grow to become the US largest and leading provider of guaranteed Upper 1st, 1st Class and 2:1 essays and dissertations, for all students in UK, US and AU universities.
Our Pricing: Currently, we have placed our prices to be the cheapest in the market in order to fit to your small budgets.

All new clients get one order done  for only 7$ per page.

We guarantee 30 days money back for any order found with plagiarism or did not fit your specifications.

Class specialties: we provide essay writing help, custom paper writing, thesis, dissertation, coursework examinations, e.t.c. Our specialist academic writing services are available for undergraduate, Masters, MBA, PhD, and Law students, and in addition to essays and dissertations we offer specialist custom services such as private tutorials, editing, personal statements, model exam answers, and more besides.

As featured in The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph and other leading British newspapers, our essay writing services have helped thousands of students to improve their degree grades and thus secure better graduate jobs with higher salaries, or postgraduate degree places.




There are two fundamental differences which elevate our service above that of all our competitors:

Academic Expertise

To write work, we exclusively contract a team of academics from the very best UK universities. These include many professors, lecturers and PhD holders, as well as professionals within law, medicine, business and other fields, who are ideally qualified to write the best possible custom essay, dissertation or other written work. No other company can claim anything like a comparable group of expert academics.


Online writing company is the only custom essay company in the UK, US and AU to have a physical office that is open to the public, and which we warmly invite our clients to visit. We are based in the West End of central London and, in addition to inviting you to meet us in person to discuss your custom essay or dissertation, we are also the only company to allow you to meet your essay writer face-to-face.

Confidentiality Clause

We take the confidentiality of your files and their security seriously. We hold confidentiality agreements both with your firm and our employees backed up with professional imdemnity insurance written specifically for us. The insurance in underwritten by Chartis Australia Insurance Limited. A copy of the insurance policy and its certificate of currency are available upon request.

Security assurance

Utilizing the latest technologies your data and communications are protected from unauthorized access. All communications with our server (FTP and Browser based) are SSL encrypted ensuring the highest level of security.

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