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  • Employment contract

    This contract of employment is entered into between (hereinafter referred to as ‘Employer’)and (hereinafter referred to as ‘Employee’) on under the terms and conditions of employment below : 1. Commencement Effective from of Employment† until either party terminates the contract. for a fixed term contract for a period of * day(s) /week(s)/ month(s)/ year(s), ending […]

  • Culture Clashes at SAP

    Culture Clashes at SAP Pin It Writing Assignment and Presentation Read the Case: Culture Clashes Make Change Difficult at SAP (attached). Use the Argosy University online library and the internet for additional research. Imagine you are an HR consultant called in to advise the leadership at SAP. Prepare a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation (not including title […]

  • Foreign Direct Investment Answer

    Research the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment Pin It You are an international economic consultant and an MNC (multiple-national company) would like to expand to the foreign market by using the foreign direct investment method. You were hired by this MNC to deliver a proposal. Select two to three countries in Asia, and then prepare […]

  • Balanced Scorecard Answer

    Balanced Scorecard Pin It Build a balanced scorecard for a typical IT department. Include at least 10 metrics for each perspective. Each metric should be quantifiable; for example, the number of supplier relationships. Explain the relationship between the IT balanced scorecard and the enterprise-level balanced scorecard.

  • Java Othello answer

    Java coding:othello Pin It This is an individual project, to be completed on your own. It is considered dishonest either to read someone else’s solution or to provide a classmate with a copy of your work. Do not make the mistake of thinking that superficial changes in a program (such as altering comments, changing variable […]

  • Quality information answer

    Answer question at the end of each each paragraph. 1)Quality information is essential to the delivery of appropriate client care. Data can be managed using a database application. A data warehouse is a collection of several databases that can be manipulated to provide complex data analysis. Information quality is ensured when measures to protect it […]

  • Make a SOAP Note

    Make a SOAP Note Not a narrative essay: Assessing the Abdomen Note: Your Discussion post should be in the SOAP Note format, rather than the traditional narrative style Discussion posting format. Refer to the Comprehensive SOAP Template in the attachments below for guidance. CASE: A 20-year-old female complains of nausea and has vomited three times […]

  • I

    Choose any two of the theoretical traditions we have discussed (the Durkheimian, Marxian, and Weberian) and write a thoughtful essay comparing their strengths and weaknesses as theories of legal change. It will be useful for you to think about the following issues: How adequate are their descriptions of the legal systems they analyze? What variables […]

  • help

    A typewritten 8-page paper is required. Subjects can incorporate yet are not constrained to: Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Types of Crimes (medications, vicious, sex, and so forth), Courts (government, state, and so on), Evidence (unveiling, smothering, and so on), Appellate and Juvenile Courts. The paper must: be twofold divided utilize 1.25 inch edges use Times […]

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